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Employees work daily, why aren't they paid daily?

Increase productivity

Over 70% of American employees live paycheck to paycheck. Employees are stressing about finances, impacting their productivity at work.

Lower administrative costs

Do you currently give advances? ZayZoon takes care of everything including funding. Your workflow and cashflow are never interrupted.

Reduce turnover

Provide your employees with a benefit they will use and appreciate.



Employees troubled by their finances are twice as likely to be in poor health, 38% of employees report financial stress affects workplace productivity. 


The Wages On-Demand service provides early access to part of an employees’ paycheck for a flat $5 fee. This allows the service to smooth out income, avoiding high interest short term loans and overdraft fees.


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LinkHCM's partnership with ZayZoon means that we can offer Financial Wellness platform, including Wages On-Demand, to all of our Workforce Ready clients at no additional cost to you. Enter your information below to offer your employees the benefit of getting their paycheck whenever they like.