As the world continues to feel the impacts of COVID-19 and recently-passed legislation has gone into effect, businesses are navigating a completely new landscape in managing their teams and adapting to new challenges. And, with so many new resources being offered via legislation, it can be overwhelming to determine which make the most sense for your business.

In short, we know that business owners and leaders have countless questions right now.

Join us for a webinar panel where you can talk directly with our panel of experts, asking questions that apply to you and your business.

Meet the Panel:

Mike Demerjian - Payroll & Business Owner (Payroll Link)
Andrew Erickson - Banking & Loans/PPP (CDC Loans)
Christina Gonzalez-Hicks - Human Resources (LEAPROS)
Damian Dufour - Retirement Savings (Reilly Financial Advisors)

We’ll begin with a quick, 10-minute overview of some of the COVID-19 response legislation, specifically focusing on the PPP loan forgiveness. Then, we’ll have 50-minutes of open Questions and Answers where we’ll address your individual questions.

As you register, PLEASE submit a question you would like us to address during the panel. Access all questions and answers from our first COVID-19 panel on April 15 here

Please note: this webinar and all information provided is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your attorney for advice before making any official changes to your company policies. By registering below, you acknowledge that Payroll Link or any of the experts on this panel are NOT legally responsible for your business or any legal implications.

Meet Your Panel of Experts


Mike Demerjian

Payroll Expert & Business Owner

President, Payroll Link

Mike founded Payroll Link in 2000, aiming to provide exceptional, supportive customer service unlike any other available, combined with best-in-class software and tools to improve his clients’ business processes. He is an expert in workforce management, human resources and payroll, with more than 30 years of experience working with thousands of clients across industries. 


Damian Dufour, CRPS

Retirement Planning Expert

Director - Retirement Services, Reilly Financial Advisors

Through Damian’s extensive experience in financial services, he is able to provide unique solutions to retirement services plan providers and their participants. Damian also has the unique ability to offer turnkey solutions to meet their individual needs.


Christina Gonzalez-Hicks, MBA, SPHR

Human Resources Expert

Division Managing Director, LEAPROS

Christina Gonzalez-Hicks leads the Human Resources Consulting Division at LEAPROS Workforce Solutions. She is a results-oriented Human Resources professional with a proven track record of successful business transformations through team engagement and project management.


Andrew Erickson

Banking & Loans/PPP

CDC Loans

Andrew is an expert in working with small businesses and helping them navigate & secure the loans and resources available to them. He works with CDC Loans, a Small Business Finance offers small business loan options in California, Arizona & Nevada.